Vintage has always been a passion of mine without ever really realizing it. I remember as a child I used to disappear up the creaky stairs to my grandparent’s attic and sift through the boxes and clothes racks for hours. It was my version of Narnia. I would pick out the craziest clothes, dug up from dusty boxes that my mom, grandparents, aunt, and uncles used to wear.  They were far from cool to wear in the trying times of junior high in the late 90s & early 2000s when Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle were some of the only acceptable clothing brands that deemed you to be “in.” But I didn’t care. I used to wear this  sweater my mom wore when she was my age - a knit, brown sweater with crazy bell bottom arms that were too short for my long, gangly arms. I would spin around in that attic in whatever I could find that fit - wishing those turns, musty smelling clothes and that attic would take me back in time. I remember daydreaming over my mom’s wedding dress, hoping one day I could wear it on my special day. I never even tried it on... letting the anticipation build until it was really time ... if that time ever came. In fact, for years most of my friends obsessed over every detail of their future wedding while the only thing I had planned was to wear my mom’s dress from 1985 no matter what kind of “style” was in. My sister and I have spent our entire lives “shopping” at my grandma’s house, begging her not to take anything to the local thrift store until we had scoured through everything. Friends often saying to us, “I wish my grandma had clothes and jewelry like yours.” But that’s just the thing, you can create what’s “in” and “cool.” What I’ve learned is if you can own it than there is no such thing as what’s “in.” Fads come and go, but vintage and history are forever. You can wear whatever you want and you can own it. And I hope that’s exactly what I can do for you - find vintage pieces you can own, love, wear and feel empowered about. I want to find vintage that makes you swoon in circles like a teenager who has just discovered the one piece of clothing that will make them “cool.” I want you to fall in love with vintage like I have. Vintage is today, fast fashion was yesterday.